Theo Chalmers is a British photographer with a bold and unorthodox approach to image making. His work ranges from highly structured yet unpredictable portraits to enigmatic still life, where he explores subjects in surreal, often challenging ways. Initially trained at The Oxford School of Photography, Chalmers, now based in London, UK, has been creating images and exhibiting his art on a variety of platforms worldwide. His work, which includes a varied collection of high profile actors, authors and public figures, is held in Museums, Galleries, Royal Archives, Institutions and private collections around the world.

Dexterity, beauty, movement and hope are recurring themes explored by Chalmers, whose work displays his attraction to narratives celebrating human potential and achievement, particularly through collaboration. With foundations in art, design and typography he frequently combines these disciplines with his photography in the creation of his images. In so doing, Chalmers often constructs actual sculptural features directly onto his sitters’ faces and bodies to add narrative.

Chalmers has a reputation for an honest, daring eye in his personal and project work. Large scale prints displayed in public areas are key methods of exhibiting his art. Chalmers sees images as a universal language designed to excite, intrigue, engage and inform. In recent years ‘Research’ has become a key area for creative exploration for Chalmers. Artist in Residence posts in such hubs of science and technology as Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in the UK contribute still further to his wonderment of human achievement and potential. Award winning Portraiture Campaign work, crossovers into commercial fashion and working with the film industry have all contributed to Chalmers’ love of photography.